A hint of vintage glamour. Characters spring from the pages in cross-hatched mischief. Is there something you find striking about black & white? A certain je ne sais quoi about film noir and those delightful screwball comedies? That’s not to say The Hapless Rehearsal is hardboiled. We’re talking more Holly Golightly than Philip Marlowe. This book embraces the enduring glamour of black & white, adding to it a splash of colour and, when you least expect it, touch of gold foil. It harkens back to the glorious illustrations of Hilary Knight and Edward Gorey, but in a style uniquely its own. Timeless and distinctive.

The Hapless Rehearsal draws back the curtain and provides a humorous insight into the world of classical music; the trials and tribulations of a chamber orchestra, playfully depicted in illustrated verse. It is a musical tale, but you don’t need to be a musician, a BBC Radio 3 listener or even knowledgeable about music to enjoy it.

The author/illustrator, Alexandria Lawrence, tells this tale from the inside. She studied music for many years and has worked as a freelance baroque viola player (yes, that is a thing) for over a decade. No one escapes her razor-sharp barbs in The Hapless Rehearsal - the players, conductor and audience are all equally put in their place. This book was inspired by Daniel Lewis (conductor extraordinaire), who directed the Colburn Chamber Orchestra at the Colburn School of Performing Arts in Los Angeles during Alexandria's last two years of high school. Truly a top-class conductor and remarkable man.

Suitable for all ages.

Hardback • 66 Pages • Fully illustrated with gold foil highlights
Size: 146 x 216 x 10 mm (5.75 x 8.5 x 0.39 in)
ISBN: 978 0 9570145 0 3

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