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Alexandria Lawrence

Founder • Author • Illustrator

I have always been a maker of things. My first passion was the visual arts though I trained in music, specialising in baroque viola and viola d'amore. My career path has meandered – between music, writing and illustration, tech and design. The skills I have developed along the way now come nicely together in the form of Peawit Press.

Peawit Press began with the desire to publish a book of my illustrations and verse. The Hapless Rehearsal draws from my musical background to provide you with a humorous insight into the world of classical music. Don't worry... you don't need to listen to Classic FM or know anything about four-part harmony to enjoy this book.

  • Conductor ☆ The Hapless Rehearsal - illustrated book
  • Trumpeter ☆ The Hapless Rehearsal - illustrated book
  • Queen of the Night - greeting cards
  • Glamorous violinist ☆ The Hapless Rehearsal - illustrated book
  • Audience ☆ The Hapless Rehearsal - illustrated book

What is Peawit Press?

Vintage glamour with a twist of the modern. A love of simple lines. Stylised sophistication. Attention to detail. Clarity. Humour. Black & white with a splash of colour.

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